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Company profile

Rossini SpA is world leader in the manufacture of roto and flexo sleeves.
The Rescaldina offices, just outside Milan, are the headquarters of an extensive network including 8 production sites and 4 sales offices in different parts of the world. The company was established in 1928 from an intuition of Erminio Rossini, who started the first small workshop producing inking rollers for printing presses.
Since then the company has travelled a path of constant development, marked by the passage from the original workshop to a full-fledged production site in Milan. From the 1950’s until today, Rossini has been consolidating a network which today include sites in Rescaldina (Milan), Uboldo (Varese), L’Aquila, Atlanta (USA), Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Timisoara (Romania) and Pune (India), all connected by an efficient intercontinental distribution system.
The R&D department plays a central role in designing and testing new products and materials, often destined to set the standard in the industry. Rossini is a strongly innovative company, as testified by the many market-leading patents.
The company also includes a Global Customer Satisfaction center, the point of departure and arrival for our customer service department which connects clients directly to the most qualified person to take care of their needs.


Creativity, innovating spirit and international scope are the values Rossini SpA has always been inspired by in designing its products.

Felice Rossini President




The Rossini brand stands for quality, as testified by the full satisfaction of the company’s clients. Its technological leadership has been certified ISO 9002 since 1996 and is proven by the working tolerances Rossini SpA guarantees on each product: Shore A hardness ± 3, max TIR 0.02 mm, diameter tolerance mm + 0.02 / - 0, parallelism tolerance ± 0.010... The company’s product range can be divided in two main categories: sleeves in composite material, polyurethanes, glass fibers, aramid resins and high-modulus carbon fiber, with plate sleeve functions in flexo printing machines; Speedwell sleeves, patented in 1976, replace impression rollers and today set the industry standard for any manufacturer of roto printing machines.

The Rossini catalogue is organized by technology and application:

Roto - Fibreglass and fibreglass/carbon Speedwell sleeves with specific coatings for every rotogravure publication and flexible packaging application.

Flexo - Thin Sleeve, Photoflex Sleeve, Anilox Sleeve, Everglass Sleeve, Evergreen Sleeve, Everstat Sleeve, Carrier Sleeve, Carbobridge Sleeve, Starcoat Sleeve, Starglass Sleeve brands.

ThermoPolymerSleeve - A continuous digital engraved sleeve ensuring significant benefits in terms of quality, working ease and cost reduction. Available in two versions: Standard and Max/Flex.

Narrow web - To print labels on narrow web presses, Rossini developed several lines of plate mounting sleeves offering high stability and very tight tolerances for both eccentricity and diameter.

Leonardo Offset Sleeves - A fibreglass core onto which a mono-component polyurethane is extruded. This polyurethane has slightly compressible properties. It offers several advantages.

Equipment - The most important ones are the Prima 200/250/300 grinder, the Sleeve Storage System and the Evolution system, an automatic cleaning system for flexo central impression drums.


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