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Company profile

IMECO is an engineering and services company in the field combustion plant equipment, which was founded in 1977 by three managers who had previously worked in that field.

The experience in this sector and the technical skills allowed, since the beginning, the development of a loyalty relationship between the company and its Customers.

The knowledge of the Customers’ technical needs and the attitude to provide the appropriate solutions, together with precision and timing in delivery allow IMECO to deserve a solid market position in the combustion plant.

The experience developed with MAXON and ECLIPSE added value to the industrial application.

Since 2016, with the continuity of the experienced manager working in the company, IMECO is developing as an engineering company to propose particular solutions to the Customers, in particular to:

  • Conduct professionally the design and the project
  • Find the proper solution
  • Match the technical solution with the economic right solution


fuel: Natural gas , LPG, diesel oil, fuel oil.
from 100 kW to 8000 kW, different potential configuration.

fuels: natural gas, LPG,
from 100 kW to 2000 kW


Technology driven by research and development can meet the requirements for future applications.

Angelo Di Salvia General Manager 


IMECO’s products guarantee the highest quality standard, efficiency and reliability.

IMECO conducts the design, engineering, manufacturing for Burner for Converting Machines.

IMECO is able to design and realize combustion equipment according to the following international codes:

  • European Standards: EN746-2- EN 746-1, EN 13849-1, EN 60204-1, 2014_35_UE_BT, 2014_108_CE
  • Russian Standard
  • American Standard FM, NFPA 70, UL501, UL 891, UL 508
  • Canadian CGA
  • Australian Standard AS3814; AS-NZS5601
  • ATEX Code 99/92/CE


This type of burner is related mainly to duct burner application which are applied on top of the machine or in the tunnel sections of the converting lines.

Particular attention is given to the electronic control, the temperature control and the ability to develop solutions that increase energy efficiency of the machine with the use of planned air recirculation.

The design is carried out for specific application, being IMECO able to develop particular projects which compact size and follow specific size constrains, especially in case of revamping.

IMECO duct Burners are especially designed for applications for heating in various industrial applications included in the installation’s process channel. The burner (Duct Burner) is mounted complete with plates, provided with gas train valve, fan of combustion air, adjustment and control instruments. The mounting plates of the burner can be designed for injection of combustion air on the back of the burner or on the side of the burner, and by application of the process needs. These burner types are used where the need for heating of the air comes together with the need to use the process fluid.


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