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Company profile

Erhardt+Leimer is a German group with headquarters in Augsburg. It is global supplier of automation systems for production on moving webs. It operates as a leading supplier for industries, with a complete range of solutions for guiding, tensioning, measuring, monitoring and a complete 100% inspection of the web - for both raw and converted/printed web material.
Their main target industries include textiles, printing, film, paper&foil converting, paper and tissue production, the rubber & tyre industry, the corrugating industry, special and high-tech materials, etc.
Erhardt+Leimer supplies turnkey solutions and ensures an excellent pre/aftersales service through its worldwide presence with 19 strategic subsidiaries in four continents. The group comprises highly skilled operatives and an extensive network of agents and resellers. E+L Italia is based in Stezzano (BG) and has been designated as the group’s skill center for the machine division: a top-notch facility for engineering and manufacturing special machinery and customised components.


It is our clients - their satisfaction and success - to determine our actions. We want our clients to feel on the winners’ side with our products. Innovative products designed by expert, motivated personnel looking to the future and pursuing objectives of maximum effectiveness.

Simonetta Cariati CEO



Eltim is the first, efficient in-line weight-, thickness and humidity control system. It ensures significant advantages in terms of quality and cost effectiveness for its basic characteristics of simplicity, effectiveness, reliability and safety.
Designed according to modular construction principles with a user-friendly interface and 100% tested components, it requires no complex calibrations and 95% of maintenance is performed remotely. Accuracy and measurement speed exceed all market standards.

Elscan OMS6 is a new print image monitoring system. It contains two 12 megapixel cameras, which ensure exceptional image quality in Ultra-HD (4x HD) with perfect color reproduction, without apparent distortion in the edges of the image. Thanks to the maintenance and wear-free fixed focus lenses, they can be zoomed without delay. The short flash times of the extremely durable LED flash permit web speeds of up to 1200 m/min. Another outstanding feature is the high-speed traversing: the camera can move at positioning speeds of up to 900 mm/s.

Smartscan is a newly developed system that offers simple and inexpensive access to print image monitoring in the field of label printing. But more than this, in fact the system is a genuine multi-talent: in addition to a video function with zoom, it also enables 100% print image inspection, splice detection and detection of missing labels and unremoved matrix.

Web guiding DRB are new generation brushless webguiding systems. Different mechanical solutions available on type and size. Infrared, ultrasonic and line sensors can be applied. We provide all in one stole of art machine integration.


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