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Company profile

Brofind was founded in 1993 by a group of professionals with several years of experience in air pollution control equipments, gaseous emission treatments as well as energy. Now the company, leader in the environmental industry, offers a wide range of technologies to solve all aspects related to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment in gaseous emissions and to optimize energy sources by recovering waste.

Our numbers from 2018:

22,000,000 € turnover

28,000,000 € of orders

53 new projects

225 customers have confirmed their trust

2 800 000 m3/h of new atmpospheric emissions treated

8 tons/hours of pollutants not emitted into the atmposphere

30 countries and 25 different industrial sectors

ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE plant line for 5 new projects

100,000 liters/h of water treated

230 spare parts contracts

80 scheduled maintenance contracts

All thanks both to our team of valuable collaborators, our partners and above all thanks to our customers, who identify us as the ideal reference for purifying their emissions into the atmosphere.

Innovation, economy, ecology, quality, Brofind.


Provide large client companies with a wide range of engineering solutions to recycle the solvents used in industrial production and thermal regenerative systems, bringing increased value to environmental protection.

Mauro Coscia Sales Department




Brofind offers an end-to-end service including feasibility studies, engineering and turnkey supply and four families of products.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment technology

  • Thermal oxidation: conversion of pollutants into non polluting molecules with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Regenerative thermal oxidation: destruction of VOCs with a high degree of thermal efficiency by using ceramic media to recover and store heat.
  • Catalytic oxidation: thermal oxidation by means of a catalyst treats VOCs at a lower temperature than regenerative thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Solvent recovery on activated carbon with steam or nitrogen regeneration.
  • Wet treatment (SCRUBBER): removal of the pollutants contained in atmospheric emissions by absorbing them in a liquid.
  • Incineration: thermal destruction of pollutants in their solid or liquid form.
  • DeNOx.
  • Biofiltration: pollutant oxidation by means of the biological activity of microorganisms.


 Zero waste tratment systems

  • Zero liquid discharge.
  • Water treatment for special applications.


Additional treatment systems.

  • Heat recovery.
  • Fluid storage and distribution.
  • Soundproofing systems.


Second hand VOC tratment unit and maintenance on every plants, not only Brofind

  • Extraction and sieving of activated carbon and catalysts.
  • Routine, preventive and breakdown maintenance.
  • Software and automation.
  • Customized yearly maintenance and/or complete system management contracts.


Quality, reliability and competitive prices for the supply of the following products

  • Catalysts for the abatement of VOCs, NOx, Ozone and other pollutants.
  • Activated carbon for air and water treatment.
  • Ceramic packing for thermal processes.
  • Molecular sieve.

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