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Company profile

International market leader in machines for the production of corrugated board, Agnati is at the forefront of research, innovation and quality production. 
Its range of products and services includes machines and complete corrugators for the production of corrugated board, special automation and control systems, spare parts and assistance.
The Agnati brand has been present for over 80 years in the corrugated board industry, and the company has significantly contributed to the growth of the industry, thanks to the development of innovative technology and the production of machines boasting excellent technical specifications and performance.
Moreover, one essential feature of Agnati is its cooperation with and involvement of individual customers in order to identify their real productive needs, and to furnish the best possible solutions for their specific requirements, together with the corresponding professional assistance.
This flexible approach to the market results in the creation of innovative products, services and solutions that perfectly meet customers’ requirements, offering them competitive returns and benefits whilst respecting the environment and the need for a sustainable economy.


Constant innovation and a competitive range of avant-garde, high-quality products are what distinguish our company and its successful development. We approach with flexibility the partnership with our customers with the common objective of delivering not a simple product, but a lasting value. 
Antonella Spiezio General Manager of Agnati

We keep investing in R&D and talented people for the further develop of our Company which in 2019 is projected to grow even more.
Alberto Brivio Owner



Agnati’s range of products includes both single machines (mill roll stands, splicers, preheaters/preconditioners, single facers, glue machine, double backer, cutoff, rotary shear, slitter scorer, stacker) and complete lines for the production of corrugated board, special automation and control systems.

These are long-lasting, high-performance machines suitable for all productive conditions. The design approach aims to guarantee simple handling and ease-of-use for customers. These features, together with the innovative technology employed, render Agnati’s machines highly productive, while as the same time guaranteeing a limited consumption of energy and raw materials and a competitive TCO, thanks to their proven reliability and limited maintenance requirements, too. 

The most recently developed products are QUANTUM and QUANTUM2, both featuring two significant industry firsts, Single Thermal Cycle and Constant Web Tension, enabling the production of unmatched board quality. 

Quantum is the new corrugating technology, employing a revolutionary low temperature single-thermal cycle process, constant web tension through the machine to the cut off knife and without liner to hot-plate contact. This results in superior single wall (Quantum), double-wall (Quantum2), and single-face products. The ‘zero-contact’ process protects board surfaces from machine effect degradation, thereby preserving preprint, specialized coatings, post print Flexo, Litho and Digital opportunities. The result is superior in every measurable dimension, being stronger, flatter, without flute lines and with ‘folding carton’ surface appearance. While delivering a superior board Quantum allow for a 30% energy saving, a 20% labour cost saving being much easier to operate, a reduction in glue consumption and paper waste. The last but not the least, being a much shorter line versus traditional corrugator (maximum 60 mt for single wall and 80 for double) it requires less space and also a lower foundation investment.



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